A few of our garden transformations...

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A number of raised oak sleeper beds were constructed for the planting up of plants and herbs. We also laid India sandstone paving.






The client wanted a revamp of their front garden. Existing paving and lawn was replaced with Indian sandstone with decorative gravel, a raised step and artificial grass. 



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A seated decked area was created in a previously overgrown and unused part of the garden. Subtle lighting makes it an area that can also be used in the evening.



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This garden had a steep incline. We landscaped and incorporated paved steps using Heritage paving throughout.






Two large raised oak sleeper beds separated by a paved seating area.  We also added horizontal panels behind the beds to enhance the look.




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The grass area was replaced with a patio and pond, making the space usable throughout the year.




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Old sleepers were replaced with new brickwork. Artificial grass was laid and new raised beds added.





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A dry stonewall sunken fire pit was constructed with a floating oak bench. A planting scheme was implemented afterwards.





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